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Author: moire
To: Public mailing list about the Tails project
Subject: Re: [Tails-project] #8948: Reconsider the terminology around "persistence"

> To understand better the context of this discussion, see the archive of
> this tread on:
> I'm putting tails-ux in copy again once but please answer on
> tails-project@???.
> sajolida:
>> 3. Finish the usability testing on the new explanation of Tails.
>>    This should happen in 2019Q1 but might depend on the milestones
>>    agreed with Sponsor 1 (still in the pipe).

> On January 11 and 18 I did some usability tests of the wording
> "Persistence". I interviewed 7 people. People were Spanish and Catalan
> native speakers that I recruited through friends-of-friends and who
> didn't know what Tails was before the tests.
> I asked them to read the following text (or slightly modified version of
> it) as part of a more comprehensive explanation of Tails:


> It felt to me that "Persistence" was missing a complementary word that
> made it clear that it was an object. Though it's a bit longer and wordy.
> Since P1 called it 'storage' spontaneously and since 'Persistent
> Storage' made immediate sense to P7, I'm now proposing to use
> "Persistent Storage" instead.
> I tried to rewrite our examples with "Persistent Storage" and it was
> pretty easy to do. See:

They all read well :)

Only one line does not use "Persistence Storage", is that on purpose?

"Save the database as keepassx.kdbx in the Persistent folder. (from
manage passwords)"

> Any objection?

Nope, thanks for the usability testing and all the rest.