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Author: emma peel
To: tails-dev
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] DEDA - Tracking Dots Extraction, Decoding and Anonymisation toolkit
Paul Wise:
> Hi folks,
> I recently found out about DEDA, a tool for dealing with the yellow
> tracking dots that printers add to printed documents. The dots
> anonymisation and customisation features of DEDA seem like something
> that some Tails users would appreciate.

ey mr. Wise, thanks for the suggestion!

Do you know if there will be a Debian package soon? Adding to Tails software which is not in Debian will imply an additional workload that could compromise the sustainability of the project. On top of that, being in Debian brings many advantages:

* It is included in the Debian process for security updates and new versions.
* It is authenticated using OpenPGP signatures.
* It is under the scrutiny of the Debian community and its many users and derivatives, including Ubuntu.