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Author: sajolida
To: Tails user experience & user interface design
Subject: Re: [Tails-ux] windows look like desktop - kali
> hey compas
> did you see this - > kali undercover feature
> here is the code:
> looks like:
> I didnt find the closed issue on redmine to put it there

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the pointer, I didn't know :)

Tails has a Windows camouflage back in the days of Tails 1.0:

We removed it in Tails 2.0 because it got broken and it was too much
work to fix. So indeed, if we wanted to have a camouflage again, sharing
efforts with Kali might be the way forward.

The old camouflage is quite often referred to by long-time Tails users.
I think that the team is not convinced by its usefulness though there's
definitely an emotional dimension to it. It looked really cool!

So I wondered whether our personas would have any use of the camouflage:

Riou --

I think that it would be dangerous for Riou to use Tails in a place
where they could be observed (shoulder-surfed), even with a camouflage.
Being filmed by a CCTV or shoulder-surfed by a cop or an informant would
have such terrible consequences that they might completely avoid public
spaces and stick to their home or more private spaces.

Cris --

Cris is much more concerned about hiding what she is working on than the
fact the she uses Tails: it's public info that she is a journalists and
is already known from her previous work. She should be careful about
never having anything sensitive on her screen in a public space and the
camouflage wouldn't help with that.

Kim --

Kim don't have they own computer and being identified as a Tails user
can be a big problem. They might benefit from a camouflage if someone
passes by them in school or at home and looks a bit at their screen. But
they will always prefer making sure that they are alone. Such a
camouflage would only work for them if it mimics the operating system
that is already installed on the computer. For example, if the computer
at home is a Mac and the Tails camouflage is for Windows, it won't be

I'm still not convinced that we should work on this again.

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