[Tails-dev] feature request reg. more convenient login ...

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Author: tails_user
To: tails-dev
Subject: [Tails-dev] feature request reg. more convenient login ...

i'm new to anonymous browsing, just trying app. mailing ...

one thought about an old issue / feature regarding keyboard / locale
preset for faster login,

it referres to 'feature 5501'.


the need to set keyboard and locale on every startup is:
- time consuming,
- annoying,
- keeping people away from using tails,

to have a hint on nationality outside the encrypted part produces risks:
- a lost stick may be assigned,
- the stick may undisclose an agents origin,
- it may be easier to decrypt once 'target language' is known,

those points are contrary to each other in what to do best,

for agents: just take the burden, may save your life,

for office users: there is a way to an individual stick,
'unsquash' the filesystem, alter as you like, resquash it, copy on stick,

for the developers: is grub capable to pass a variable to the system?
implement a selection list in the grub menu, e.g.
12 buttons, 6 languages, each with option 'admin-pass' or 'not',
locale settings are handed from grup to the system,
one click, one password to reach the desktop,
greeter steps in only for decryption (and admin pass),
for finetuning add scripts in the encrypted section,
6+ opions from which country the owner is,

for all: time is money, for agents often mission-critical,


tails user