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Author: sajolida
To: Tails user experience & user interface design
Subject: Re: [Tails-ux] Category-based applications menu / Activities overview
> * Harder to find non-favorite apps which they forgot the name of.
> For the Application menu, I second the experience which I think
> sajolida already described somewhere: When a user wants to find an
> application, they first guess which category it could be in and look
> through the apps in that category. If they don't find it there,
> they choose another category and look through that, and so on.
> In the Activities overview, the user would first have to find the
> "Show Applications" button, and then go through the list of all
> applications, which will take more time compared to going through one
> category. Another pitfall is that they have to notice that they can
> see more apps by scrolling down or clicking one of the dots to the
> right.

Yep. I read your email after writing mine but we're describing the same
thing :)

Look! I can agree with you and disagree with intrigeri. </private joke>

> I don't think that the Applications menu provides great UX, but I think
> for many users it's better than the Activities overview.
> I also think that the "apps sorted in categories/sub-folders" concept,
> which you say other operating systems have dropped already, makes more
> sense in Tails than in other operating systems: Other operating systems
> come with fewer pre-installed apps, so it's easier to look through all
> of them. And for apps the user installs themself, it's easier to find
> them, because it's more likely that they remember either the name of it
> to search for it, or the icon to more quickly spot it in a list of all apps.

Yep. Windows still uses the menu and submenu concept for their
Applications menu and it's 91% of the global market share.

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