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Author: segfault
To: tails-project
Subject: Re: [Tails-project] #8948: Reconsider the terminology around "persistence"

> [...]
> - When working with Simply Secure in August 2018, they had no problem
> calling it "Persistence" and told me that it's a common practice to
> use capitalized words, even neologisms, to refer to major features.
> In this email, I'm proposing to follow this recommendation and to use
> Persistence, a single work with a capital P. See examples below.

I'm in favor of calling the feature "Persistence". The only potential
problem I see with that is translating it. When it's the name of the
feature and capitalized, I feel like it shouldn't be translated. But
that could make it harder for non-english speakers to understand the

> [...]
> Usage
> =====
> I went through our website and custom software to check how using
> "Persistence" would work in practice. I've also used it myself for some
> time in my emails and in Redmine.
> Below are some examples of usage taken from existing strings.
> I'll use these practical examples to finish discussing this with you and
> especially with Cody. I will then use them to finally write new entries
> about Persistence in our writing style guide.
> the Persistence / your Persistence
> ----------------------------------
> To refer to the encrypted partition (when there is one>
> For example:
> - Enter your passphrase to unlock the Persistence.

I don't like that. It doesn't sound right to refer to a partition/volume
with the abstract term "Persistence".

I would prefer "Persistence volume".