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Author: intrigeri
To: Tails list for early testers, claimanalytics
New-Topics: [Tails-testers] Tails 4.3 Unstable -->>[was: Installing a Tails USB Image as Virtual USB Storage in Virt-Manager]
Subject: Re: [Tails-testers] Manual upgrade from virt-manager [was: Installing a Tails USB Image as Virtual USB Storage in Virt-Manager]

> You're right, we're missing proper instructions to do a manual upgrade
> of a virt-manager installation with a Persistence. I should fix this.
> Now tracked with

> I'm not a user a virt-manager myself and I know that some of us do use
> it with a Persistence. It would save me quite a lot of time if they gave
> me a synopsis of how they do their manual upgrades :)

> segfault, intrigeri: How do you do that? Do you start the VM on an ISO
> image plugged as a DVD and use it to do the upgrade? Something else?

Essentially yes, but some extra steps are needed to ensure one actually
starts from that virtual DVD:

1. In "Boot Options", ensure the DVD is listed first (or select
"Enable boot menu" and then you can pick the boot device when
starting the VM).

2. To tell live-boot to use the SquashFS from the DVD, add this boot


This works for a "SCSI CDROM" device. If the virtual DVD reader is
plugged into the SATA bus instead, the /dev/sr0 path might need to
be adjusted.

And then yes, I use Tails Installer to clone the running system and
upgrade the Tails system that's on the virtual USB drive.