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Author: Mario Costa
To: Tails list for early testers
Subject: Re: [Tails-testers] MacBook support
Thank you for your answers.

I blacklisted the thunderbolt module at boot time and managed to successfully boot. With Tails 3.16 no blacklisting was needed, I'm not sure what changed.

However, trackpad and keyboard don’t work. The page of the driver merged to the kernel is <>, it doesn’t explicitly cite the Retina MacBook Air but I thought it was the same interface of the new MacBook Pros. Maybe I’ll try to contact the maintainer and see if this can be easily tuned to work with the Air.

Anyway, I tried booting the last beta of Ubuntu with kernel 5.3 and had the same thunderbolt module error, maybe something changed upstream.

> Il giorno 20 ott 2019, alle ore 18:25, sajolida <sajolida@???> ha scritto:
> intrigeri:
>>> However, Tails doesn’t boot successfully and hangs with this message:
>>> [    4.051399] thunderbolt 0000:05:00.0: ICM firmware is in wrong mode: 15

>> Interesting! Please retry, adding this option to the boot options:
>> modprobe.blacklist=thunderbolt
>> … and report back. Thanks in advance :)
> If you need guidance on how to add a boot options, refer to "Using the
> Boot Loader Menu" in:
> Thanks :)
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