Re: [Tails-project] Preparing the next monthly report

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Author: Muri Nicanor
To: tails-project
Subject: Re: [Tails-project] Preparing the next monthly report

On 10/5/19 5:20 PM, sajolida wrote:
> Muri Nicanor:
>> (I didn't get the monthly report announcement, so sorry for breaking the
>> threading)
>> I'm the coordinator for the september report- I'll try to finish the
>> report for publishing between 10th and 15th of october, so it would be
>> great to get your content before the 10th!
> I think that most of it is there already, so you could finish it at any
> time. If it's before October 10 I'll be available to publish it but not
> after.

Oke, I think it can be published- the boot metrics are still missing and
I removed the Hot Topics, because they were empty.