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Author: Alberta Giorgi
To: Laboratorio sulla partecipazione politica e associativa del Dipartimento di Sociologia e ricerca sociale dell'Universita' degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca
Subject: [movimenti.bicocca] Fwd: At least 3 post docs for the study of Civil society elites, Lund university, Sweden.
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From: Håkan Johansson <hakan.johansson@???>
Date: Mon, Jun 24, 2019 at 2:42 PM
Subject: At least 3 post docs for the study of Civil society elites, Lund
university, Sweden.
To: Håkan Johansson <hakan.johansson@???>

Dear Colleagues

I would like to draw Your attention to a call for at least 3 post doc
position at Lund University, Sweden. The post-doctoral researchers will be
part of a six-year research program on *Civil Society Elites? Comparing
elite composition, reproduction, integration and contestation in European
civil societies*. The program aims to bridge elite and civil society
studies in order to develop the first systematic and cross-country
comparative analysis of civil society elites. The program is funded by the
Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences (www.rj.se), starting
in 2018, and will last until end of 2023.

The program will study civil society elites in four European countries
(Italy, Poland, Sweden and the UK) as well as the EU level. We bring
together scholars from political science, sociology and social work with a
common interest into issues of power, inequality and civil society. The
program aims to combine elite theories, capital and field theories, social
movement theories and social network theories and combines quantitative and
qualitative methods to examine what mechanisms and processes that lead to
elite consolidation or contestation across different contexts.

For further information visit www.civil.societyelites.lu.se.

Information on the post can be found at the following link, or in the
attached pdf file.


We can offer a good research environment at one of the leading Swedish
universities and are looking for talented young scholars to be part of our
research team of approx. 10 scholars.

We are particularly looking for people having a track record in civil
society and/or elite studies and also particularly invite scholars with
skills into ethnographic studies, social network and social media analyses.

Proficiency in spoken and written English is a requirement. Considering
that studies will be conducted in Italy and Poland, language skills in any
of these two will be a requirement for at least one of the positions.

Please distribute this call if You have people in Your networks that You
think could be interested.

All the best

Håkan Johansson

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