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Author: u
To: Tails list for early testers, mike
Subject: Re: [Tails-testers] Tails 3.14 Known Issue - Tails fails to start a second time on some computers.
Hi Mike!

thank you for reporting back.

> I am suffering the above problem but with a DVD boot of Tails 3.14 and not using a USB.

I think this is technically impossible.

When using a USB stick, you use the .img file and on first boot the
partition on the stick gets resized, resulting in the impossibility to
boot a second time for some users where this partitioning fails.

But when you burn a DVD you use the .iso file, not the .img file?

> I am using a HP ProBook 6570b bare metal DVD boot of Tails 3.14.
> There is no HDD in the computer or storage of any kind.

So you are saying that you can boot your DVD only once, is that correct?
How did you install it? Is the DVD rewritable?

> The above issue has been resolved by following your advice and downloading the .img file from your Development Server.

How did that solve the problem?