Re: [mat-dev] mat2 0.9.0

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Author: Georg Faerber
To: Mailing list of MAT and MAT2
New-Topics: Re: [mat-dev] mat2 0.9.0
Subject: Re: [mat-dev] mat2 0.9.0
Hi Julien, all,

On 19-05-10 22:47:10, jvoisin wrote:
> A new version of mat2 was released, the 0.9.0, on the 10th of May,
> 2019, with a major feature: support of tar/tar.bz2/tar.gz/tar.xz
> files.

Thanks for this -- just FYI: I'll delay the upload to Debian up until
Buster is released, in case we still need to fix or change stuff in the
version currently available in Buster.