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Author: sajolida
To: Public mailing list about the Tails project
Old-Topics: Re: [Tails-project] #14559: Have a permanent incentiveto donate on /home
New-Topics: Re: [Tails-project] #14559: Have a permanent incentiveto donate on /home
Subject: Re: [Tails-project] #14559: Have a permanent incentive to donate on /home
> sajolida wrote:
>> alienpup:
>>> Let's consider triggering donation prompts based on both elapsed time
>>> *and* number of Tails boots/Tor Browser starts. We otherwise risk
>>> "targeting" frequent/regular/committed Tails users far more often
>>> than new/occasional/infrequent users.
>>> The number of boots versus elapsed days can then be adjusted to focus
>>> on one of these two user groups, or both together.
>> Hi alienpup,
>> I don't understand your proposal. What do you mean by "elapsed time"?
>> If you mean the number of days that passed since the user last started
>> Tails, then I don't think we can have this data to use it on our website.
>> If you mean something else, please elaborate or rephrase your proposal.
> "elapsed time" would be calendar/real time.
> An example. Assume that the Tails donation prompt is designed to appear every 3 Tor Browser starts or every 5 calendar days, which ever is GREATER.
> Bob boots Tails/ starts Tor Browser several times a day. He reaches 3 Tor Browser starts every day, but the donation prompt appears only every 5th day because that interval is greater. Bob does not suffer donation prompt fatigue.
> Alice boots Tails/ starts Tor Browser 3 or 4 of times a week. She sees the donation prompt once every 5 or 6 days. Alice does not suffer donation prompt fatigue.
> Bob starts Tor Browser far more often than Alice does, but the two users see the Tails donation prompt almost as often.
> Depending on need and circumstances, the Tails project can adjust these two intervals to selectively "target" frequent users versus occasional users.

Ok! I like that!

It seems much more complicated to code than what we have right now,
which is a purely random thing: something like "roll a dice and if it's
6, display the message".

So I won't do it right now and I would be super interested in ideas on
how to implement this with basically no data on whether it's Bob or
Alice opening up their browser.

Can you think about how to code this?