[Tails-ux] Technical Support

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Author: Vincent Garcia
To: tails-ux
Subject: [Tails-ux] Technical Support

Hey Team, 


Hoping you can help me out with adding additional software? 


I want an extra layer of security behind tor with a VPN – if for some reason Tor is compromised my real IP address is still hidden .  I have anonymously set up a VPN, paid by crypto. 


I normally just use VPN + Tor but really like the idea of Tails (usb) + VPN + Tor  


I have tried to install via terminal with the following command with admin password  


Sudo apt-get install /home/amnesia/persistent/Tor browser/nordvpn-release_1.0.0_all.deb 


But it keeps saying that it is an unsupported file? Does this need to be in a different location to be installed or?  


I tried adding a repository to synaptic but no luck there either... 


I have had a look through your support documentation under additional software and noticed the "configuring additional APT repositories", is this the only way I can add a vpn client?  


Any help would be appreciated thanks !