[Tails-dev] Tails→Buster: status update

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Author: intrigeri
To: tails-dev
Subject: [Tails-dev] Tails→Buster: status update

last week, a bunch of Foundations Team members had a sprint
focused on porting Tails to Debian 10 (Buster).

What we did was mostly:

- update the test suite: good WIP that lead to identifying
regressions for which tickets were filed

- fix a number of regressions, admittedly slower than they were
being identified

- made the ISO and IUK build reproducibly

We'll probably have another sprint on this topic early April.
We will invite other Tails contributors to participate remotely.

I'm quite confident that after this second sprint, things will be
working well enough for our technical writers to start updating
our doc.

It's too early to commit to any particular timeline, but FWIW here's
what seems the most likely to me at this point:

- April: release 4.0~beta1, call for testing; no promise to provide
automatic upgrades nor security support at this point

- June or July: third sprint

- 2019-07-09 or shortly after: release 4.0~beta2 and commit to
provide automatic upgrades and security support until 4.0 final is

- July-August: fix the most critical regressions identified by
testers and start porting to Firefox 68

- 2019-09-03: release 4.0~rc1 at the same time as 3.16

- September to mid-October: fix as many regressions as we can,
complete porting to Firefox 68

- 2019-10-22: release 4.0 final