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Author: alice D
To: LEONARDO GIANNINI, cm-crew, FRANCESCA NON LO SO, m greco, gemElloide vivoda
Subject: Re: [Cm-crew] Fw: extremely useful stuff

I found some extremely useful stuff and it was a real discovery for me, just give it a try! You may find more information here <>

Regards, alice D

Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2016 6:46 AM
To: o_blues@???
Subject: And a fat kid!

You can trade items over the GTS, it's tedious but you can do it.

Put a bad pokemon on the GTS from your OR version, ask for a sableye in return. Then go to X and find the trade you just posted from OR, then trade your pokemon. If the trade isn't there then you just got a free sableye and try again.