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Subject: [ZonaRossa] BeAcademy: the platform to connect, to share and to exchange!

We are BeAcademy, and we want to present you our amazing platform:

What if there was a platform where you could find something interesting to
learn all the time? What if there was a place where you were able to share
your knowledge? look no further because you just found that place. Be
Academy, the platform to connect, to share and to exchange!

Be Academy is a learning platform

Do you want to learn something new? Do you want to become a better guitar
player? To know how to make some proper cocktails? Or perhaps get to know
the city better with some inside tours. The possibilities and options with
Be Academy are endless. You can learn, explore, improve and train in a wide
variety of subjects.

Be Academy gives you a new audience

Do you want to teach something? You want people to learn some awesome
cooking skills or give a marketing seminar? With Be Academy you can advise,
coach, demonstrate, explain, instruct, lecture and connect with the crowd
you want. We give you a large international platform and the only thing you
have to do is to enlist. Professional or enthusiast amateur alike. It
doesn’t matter if you are a language teacher or a cooking enthusiast.
Share your knowledge!

Exchange of experiences

Be Academy is an exchange of experiences. We connect coach & student and
internationals with locals. With Be Academy, you can connect with people
who share the same passion as you do. We have a large international network
of experienced and enthusiast teachers who will happy to exchange their
knowledge with passion.

Be Academy Business

With Be Academy, you can join a marketing seminar, a Photoshop course or
improve your business English. Become a web builder, a stockbroker or
learn how to generate a passive income. Increase your potential today by
learning something new and get better results at work. Get a decisive
advantage over your competitors with unique knowledge. Innovate and reach
your full potential!

Be Academy hobbies

If you always wanted to become better at cooking Thai food than you can
find a cooking class on Be Academy. When you are preparing yourself for a
south America trip and you want to learn some Spanish. You dream of
becoming a famous international DJ? On Be Academy, you can find a course on
how to become a DJ. Play guitar, dance Salsa. Whatever your passion is,
there is probably a course for that on Be Academy. Push your own boundaries
to get new experiences and meet new people.

Be Academy is an enriching experience to make you stand out of the crowd.
We create the opportunities for you to learn something new. Grab that
opportunity and join Be Academy today!


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