[Freepto] Call to present Freepto in London

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Author: psylocibe
To: freepto
CC: tiz
Subject: [Freepto] Call to present Freepto in London
Hi guys,

We've been asked if some of you guys could come up to London to
present Freepto. The talk would take place in the scope of a
cryptoparty that will be held during the AntiUniversity Festival
Weekend [1] (20-22 November 2015) and would be hosted by the
Autonomous Fetish Collective [2] at the Common House [3].

The Common House is a collectively managed space for radical groups,
projects and community events in Bethnal Green, London.

Also cc'ing in tizzja, who's also involved in the ATF collective and
introduced me to it.

Cheers o/

[1] http://cargocollective.com/antiuniversity/HOME
[2] http://www.commonhouse.org.uk/whos-involved/autonomous-tech-fetish/
[3] http://www.commonhouse.org.uk/

— psylocibe

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