[Freepto] What about an interview about Freepto?

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Author: aab3r
To: freepto
Subject: [Freepto] What about an interview about Freepto?

This is Antonio. I've been using Freepto for some time now, and i've
been teaching how to use it in some workshops at my town.

Besides that, I co-host a radio program called "Autodefensa Informática"
(http://autodefensainformatica.radioalmaina.org) about privacy and
security when using internet. We think that it is important to boost
visibility for projects like yours, as the general behaviour between
social collectives -at least here, in Spain- is the use of privative
networks with no respect for privacy (Facebook being a bleeding

We'd like to know if there's someone -ideally spanish speaker- from the
Freepto project willing to participate in an interview for the program.
It would be about 10-15 mintes long, and we would send the questions
beforehand so you can agree on the answer.

Please let me know what you think; and thanks for your hard work!!