[Cm-cagliari] Exclusive 3 x Labor Day Gifts For You

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Author: Lowell Dill
To: cm-cagliari
Subject: [Cm-cagliari] Exclusive 3 x Labor Day Gifts For You
    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here to view online version   Unlock 5000+ Satellite TV Channels & HD Movies On Your PC Instantly   Your PC is ready to be turned into a Super TV in 2 minutes!   View Demo Here >>     1st Gift: Smart Led Cable v2

Our smart LED technology informs you when your mobile phone is fully charged! It also provides enough luminosity to help your charging task in the dark.

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2nd Gift: Crystalline USB Pen
A 2 in 1 stylish, elegant pen that comes with a built in USB! Modern yet practical 2 in 1 USB pen makes it an unique gift!

View Demo & Claim Now >>   3rd Gift: Mini Gold Bar USB Flash Drive

    Fancy a fun, innovative Gold Bar USB to add luxury to your PC. Convince your co-workers that you have your very own gold bar directly from the mint. While stocks last!

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Mini PC4TV
    Imagine how to watch your favorite drama and movie on your TV but from your phone? How about play game, view photos and surf web on your TV?

View Demo & Claim Now >>   James Bond Secert Spy Gadget

      Do you want to record a a video or conversation discreetly? Watch this demo and you will be surprised.

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Wireless Spy Gadget Like to monitor discreetly without being discovered? Watch this demo and you will be surprised. View Demo Here >>    

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