[Freepto] (Wishlist) VOIP software

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Author: aab3r
To: freepto
Subject: [Freepto] (Wishlist) VOIP software

I've been trying several VOIP apps for Debian in an attempt to run away
from the dreadful Skype. Mainly there are two options, both with an
emphasis on privacy:

1) Tox (https://tox.im/) is promising, though the development seems to
take more time than expected initially.

2) Ring (http://www.ring.cx/) is another possibility; i have to say that
the DHT communication model they use, with no dependency of any central
server, appeals a lot to me. Besides, they're planning to integrate XMPP
for compatibility with other clients.

So, my question is: Would you consider including any of these
applications (maybe there are more which i am not aware of) on the next
Freepto version? I think a VOIP app, centered on providing private
communications, would be a good complement to Freepto.

Thanks for your hard work!!

BTW, besides promoting Freepto through some workshops on my local town
(i think i told you before), we'll be recommending it on our radio show
"Autodefensa informática"
(http://autodefensainformatica.radioalmaina.org) -sorry, only in