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Author: intrigeri
To: The Tails public development discussion list
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] Removing mutt and msmtp (or making them usable by default)

sycamoreone wrote (18 Jan 2015 20:25:29 GMT) :
> We should either just remove the packages or make them usable by default
> (like configuring the Tor SOCKS proxy) and then also make sure that
> there are no leaks in the mail headers, quotations, etc.

Fully agreed.

I don't think we *collectively* should spend any time on doing the
equivalent of the work that was put in Torbirdy, for Mutt + msmtp.
IMO that doesn't fit into our core mission, and we should be careful
not to spread ourselves to thinly (same, e.g., for parcimonie: I would
never suggest to turn it into something that we are collectively
responsible for).

So, I'm all for removing these packages.

Now, if someone (possibly from our team, possibly not) would be
willing to do that and maintain it, as a separate upstream project,
then I'm all for shipping the resulting configuration files in Tails,
on the grounds that being nice to power users is key to get us more
skilled contributors. Not sure if I would find it worth it to ship the
packages again, though, but that could be discussed.

I don't see this happen on the short term, though,

> If the packages are removed users who specifically want mutt/msmtp can
> still install them using the additional software packages feature.

Right. It's not as if these packages were useful without persisting
their configuration anyway. And of course, people who are able to
configure Mutt + msmtp should have no problem with adding two lines to