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Author: meskio
To: jigen, thk
Subject: Re: [Thk] interpretation
Quoting jigen (2018-06-20 17:47:04)
> > let's see if ccc can help, yes
> well, that's ok

I have asked, but the people that give me the contact told me that they might
take time to answer or never do. So I will not hold my hopes there.

> > For now it will be a big cost for no specific reason
> > so let's try to understand this a little more
> What about reducing the translation effort (and therefore hopefully the
> cost), asking people/equipement enough for 1 or maybe 2 rooms, but also
> asking for a couple of talk/workshop about COATI project and their
> equipment?

That sounds good. I'll ask them what they think about it. They told me that they
need to confirm if they can do that dates, but they are very interested on

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