[Infotropique] update

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Author: ng0
To: infotropique
Subject: [Infotropique] update
Hi all,

I've made progress with fixing the server.
I was able to grab the temporary website from a Google cache, one
of the few files I didn't have in version control.

I'll be busy for a couple of days now, but I'm optimistic that
In the near future I will be able to push a first
comprehendable(?) summary of infotropique OS and its planning to
an internal git. This can be reworked to the website then, and
afterwards or at the same time *hopefully* people get the core
concepts and what needs to be worked on and how. Due to
university this will be a bit delayed.
There's still open questions, and some of these open questions
(like location and layout of overlaying / ports like code)
depends on Guix Channels. Or at least Channels is a possibility
that has to be considered, so I'm planning out different paths.

I've it would just be the simple OS images, I'd consider the work
80% done by now (what's left is containerizing (see Guix service
containers) some services, adding some services (gnunet), fixing
up the rust-build-system, adding some expected applications
(Thunderbird etc)). There's more to be added though and I'm
grouping and creating milestones.
Doesn't help potential contributors to have the design
"braindump" git internal, but for now it's okay.
I'll send more updates and will ask you for your ssh pubkeys
(please only gpg signed and encrypted) if you want push access.
ng0 :: https://crash.cx
A88C8ADD129828D7EAC02E52E22F9BBFEE348588 :: https://crash.cx/keys/