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Author: ng0
To: Quiliro Ordonez Baca via Infotropique
Subject: Re: [Infotropique] not software ?
Quiliro Ordonez Baca via Infotropique transcribed 0.6K bytes:
> It is very nice to have the list moving and work being done.

Thanks :)
Basically all my work on Guix so far was for this project, so work
has been done before :)

> I feel a
> little lost. But I get a little bit of the sense of the communication. I
> will get the feel of it as I get more exposure with the traffic. Please
> tell me what I can contribute to as a newbie.

I'm working on texts and also more concrete texts of what people can do
to join the efforts. I'm waiting for the opportunity to discuss bugtrackers
and CI/CD plans with dvn at 34c3 congress next week, so either I'll set up
a project for bug tracking on GNUnet Mantis or on secushare Gitlab, it
depends on the result of a discussion.
The Mantis would make sense.
No matter what is chosen, this is where we would start list detailed
action items.

> Keep on Hacking!
> Quiliro

And thanks for your patience :)

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