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Author: ng0
To: ng0 via Infotropique
Subject: Re: [Infotropique] wishing to contribute
ng0 via Infotropique transcribed 4.9K bytes:
> Catonano via Infotropique transcribed 4.1K bytes:
> > 2017-12-09 18:13 GMT+01:00 Jean Flamelle via Infotropique <
> > infotropique@???>:
> >
> > > On 12/8/17, Quiliro Ordonez Baca <quiliro@???> wrote:
> > > > Would you recommend a screen recorder please?
> > >
> >
> > There's a video recorder in Guix
> >
> > It's called Open Broadcaster or obs
> >
> > I used it in the past to mae some videos o me using guix
> >
> > Ng0, I hope you don't mind if I attempt a synthesis or For Quiliro:
> I don't mind :)
> Though I have some corrections:
> > there's no Infotropique OS for now
> >
> > Its base will be Guix with GNUnet, so for now it's about helping GNUnet to
> > release. They are having a hard time in releasing.
> The OS, yes. But not only an OS, it's constructed like Guix.
> It goes beyond just GNUnet. GNUnet is what I do, because I happen
> to be involved for quiet some time in GNUnet now.
> There's many angles to take on the problem, software and non-software.
> For example on the software side I've recently thought about a new
> section I'll add to the website.
> secushare will require rust. However rust is a problem in Guix.
> What we need in the short run is one or two rust hackers (or those who
> want to work on rust packaging and learn about it) to fix up the
> rust-build-system in Guix.
> In the long run we want collaboration with the bootstrappable community,
> more precisely: work on mrustc so that rustc can be build without
> rustc.
> > Docs is something approachable and it's also required for tech savvy people
> > in order to know where to start
> >
> > Once GNUnet will be released, we'll be able to focus on integrating it in
> > Guix for distributing tarballs, binaries and so on and get rid of servers
> > (this is one o the goals for Infotropique. It is a goal for Guix, anyway)
> That's *a* goal, one of the major goals, but I've made the mistake in the
> past to make it look like it could be done in a very short time. It's not.
> It will be a long journey including a long diet of eating your own selfgrown
> codefood to get to this (version 2.0). Version 1.0 will be easier.
> > Also, with a working GNUnet, Guix could be the dev station for people
> > working on
> > I would hope that they can find Guix useful
> It's difficult. If you mean secushare. I know the developers are interested
> in it, but I think there's some confusion and criticism that needs to
> be addressed. And also the issue I mentioned above affects them (rust).
> > So very recently a patch landed in Guix that introduces support for Rust,
> > That's important for Psyced, as far as I understand. It's waiting for being
> > reviewed
> s/Psyced/secushare -> psyced is the server implementation of the psyc0.99/1 protocol.
> Psyced runs on psyclpc, secushare on a couple of languages, mostly rust.
> >
> > Now the emergency is GNUnet
> >
> > So if you want to help, take a look at the work ng0 is doing on GNUnet
> > documentation.
> >
> > That's my synthesis
> Other than my additions I'm surprised that you've understood
> a tiny base of the work, while I haven't even extended and
> explained all the rest :)
> Thanks

I'm starting to update our website ( /
later today with revised texts to reflect the whole scope of our

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