[Infotropique] Saying Hello, & notes on the Blender way

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Author: Jean Flamelle
To: infotropique
Subject: [Infotropique] Saying Hello, & notes on the Blender way
Since this list is new, noobie introductions will do a little
to foster community. This poster to-most-veterans-of-any-sort likely
shall be little more than an internet-learner, who'll be counted on
for wildly imaginative (unrealistic) perspective and off-the-wall
questions but not much else for a very-very likely long-while.
Gamification, aside from fits of rage and frustration, is going to be
the only way any prospective tutor can impart what-they-call-wisdom on
this tail-chasing socialite and later expect it was internalized.
        Reputation systems become fascinating to this type of noob as
part of game theory. Free culture decreases the work required for
expression and therefore play, which inevitably adds meaning to the
work of a noob. Culture runs deepest where least influenced by any
economy, because the creator which hides their creation for monetary
gain feels guilt proportional to the creation's greatness and the
commissioner which issues their commission for monetary gain drowns
other works proportionally to the commission's effectiveness. Like any
savvy noob, this one seeks out all the deepest veins and cultural
deposits, to always feel inspired. Our tools of play; our toys, need
by greatly effectual with every input if they hope to occupy our
        So I promised to note a few things about the Blender way. Take
the most ambitious and deeply meaningful moral about a thing that
should exist which makes many-many other meaningful endeavors possible
by extension. Then continuously build that thing until systematically
those other things become possible. Keep designing a space colony
until humans live on mars. Write free software that makes
game-development possible for anyone with the energy and a message.
Blender has a finite goal which will be obviously apparent once
finished. The writers of blender continue to remind themselves of this
goal as they write, by frequently attempting that which their work is
supposed to make possible. More important than any moral is the
reminder of why it's important, for without that it's meaningless.

--Postmark, The Noob