[Infotropique] Thunderbird/Icedove

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Author: ng0
To: infotropique
Subject: [Infotropique] Thunderbird/Icedove
Does someone of you use Thunderbird and have a desire to get it working?
The state of my thunderbird is a basic construction site.
I'm running into issues which are sometimes one or almost two decades old
which were "supposedly" resolved.

All in all it is easy, if it wouldn't be for mork not finding its header
(no, -I doesn't solve this and my dirty hack so far is to patch the includes
and move the headers already to $out/include/ which is not a good idea at all).

I'm a roadblock in this case, there's lots of things coming up for me soon
and I want to focus on important tasks. Thunderbird is low priority for my
project. So, any takers? If so I'll submit my patch.
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