[Infotropique] small rfc: building debug output by default

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Author: ng0
To: infotropique
Subject: [Infotropique] small rfc: building debug output by default
An quick explanation before I get started: "outputs" in Guix describe the
prefix of the software which is build and then installed into. For git
you have "out", "gui", "send-mail" outputs. You make those available by
installing them into your profile: "guix package -i git" defaults to the out,
further outputs can be installed by specifying them like
"guix package -i git:gui".

At the moment you have very little packages with enabled "debug" output.
For developers it can be very useful to have this available.

Resulting application output size is my main concern.
By default _all_ outputs of a package are build. Only putting this to
practice and giving it a run in real world system building can show
how much size is added when all debug outputs are added.

You could easily specify local overwrites for the packages you need
debug outputs for, or (as requested many times in the past on guix-devel
mailinglist) you could do it systemwide (on system level, the canonical

This is of no concern for early releases of infotropique OS but given
that I am switching the libc (not publicly documented at the moment)
it could be included very early to help debugging applications.

I appreciate any opinion or wishes on this and could include it
in the design I'm currently writing down.
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