[Infotropique] names round 2 (os and live)

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Author: ng0
To: infotropique
Subject: [Infotropique] names round 2 (os and live)
With the knowledge that I will have less time to spend
development soon,I started writing a documentation.

Development of everything publicly released is mostly on
https://notabug.org/infotropique/ (with the exception of
fish-guix, which is located on gitlab.com).

I'm currently looking into the best way to handle multiple
versions of git repositories on different servers. I had
a chat with zPlus from 'peers' and there were some interesting
points about social coding networks, not only about this project.
I'll attempt to use notabug and gitlab, those are two hosted
projects I can live with.

Now on to the subject: Names.
as I've started to write the documentation, I ended up with
'infotropique OS' and 'infotropique LIVE'. Simple as that,
I'll give it some more time to see if the name is still okay
in a few days, but I'm positive about this choice.
Realisticly there have to be many more people here to
maintain more than 2 generations, and the hardware to provide
and build. So for now I will assume there will be 1 OS and 1 LIVE.
Anything beyond that is for people who are willing to work on
the additional systems once we get to the point where there
is a system.
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