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Author: Laboratorio Eudemonia
To: proeurope
Subject: [@proeurope] The puppets of the Occident and the possible awakening

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The puppets of the Occident and the possible awakening

When the youth of the Arab Spring have bravely looked forward, they found themselves in front only the desperate emptiness of ideas of the Occident, the inner paucity, the falsehood and homologation that awaited them. In many then found nothing better to do than go back, to fight it in the most truculent way. On the other hand what model the opulent Occident offers now? Is it enough its wealth, not even distributed but concentrated in the hands of few bullies, to guide the thoughts of human beings who are raising to build a new society? Can the puppets of the Occident, unaware of themselves and of all, be good models to follow?

Tragedy is that the West for some time has stopped for real.

Once past the Second World War, rebuilded itself with alacrity, initially opened to a great artistic and cultural fervor, subsequently the Occident has not been able to go forward but has involuted in a total absence of ideas, intentions and motivations. It could not be otherwise, with the world of culture and information remained domain of the bureaucrats, of the public careerists, of people recruited for lifelong jobs that were supposed to become public (accessible at fixed-term to the greatest number of citizens that were possible) when, melt away the tyrannies, democracy had placed the public property in the hands of the people.

And instead these were left, the "public" jobs, powers and incomes, exactly as the monarchs and tyrants had wanted: in the hands of an ARMED UNTOUCHABLE CASTE.

Yet the Occident, despite its delay, would not be expected to continue its decline, as it has a move, a possibility that, for originality and vigor, not even the most skilled practitioners of martial arts and eastern philosophies would be able to imagine. But the puppets that populate it, starting with the half a billion of europeans, must preliminarily decide to wake up. Instead of being offended, feeling apostrophed in this way, they must admit that so far they have been for really nothing but puppets voluntarily abandoned in the hands of bureaucrats, of the public careerists, of the lifelong holders of public jobs, powers and incomes.

Westerners must become aware (and this alone will be enough to make them evolve) that their subjugation is never finished for the plain and simple reason that never have uplifted themselves to demand a concrete, genuine participation, a personal contribution in the public apparatus. They never demanded that the temporary mandate should make democratic, after the legislative, also the entire executive and judiciary power, because only with the temporariness the doors of the Res Publica will open and Democracy will be realized.

There is something great, indeed great because peacefully revolutionary, which has been hidden to the westerners and therefore to the whole world.

The fact that to achieve democracy we do not must claim the vote but rather the temporary mandate. The vote follows the temporary mandate, not vice versa. Imagine the deputies, a prime minister or president of the republic who never give back to the people what belongs to it: the public function. To what end would we vote having in front immovable powerful? The public careerists have always addressed the collective attention toward the vote (easily controllable and regularly piloted), hiding to the people that the true pillar of democracy is the temporary mandate. Let's ask ourselves: how much blood would have been avoided if this had been made clear?

How many bloody revolutions would have been avoided if the advanced West had shown the right way?

The public careerists have done this for the most banal and perfidious of the motifs: to maintain the fixed position and continue to make a career in a role, the public, that in democracy can not be lifelong possessed but that, with order and competence, should be participated by as many citizens as possible, because only in this way we can build a functional society: equal (therefore cohesive and strong) and open to any sensitivity (therefore able to foresee the most diverse challenges of fate).

Planet Earth would evolve but does not succeed because the West has allowed be locked its cultural evolution by those that were supposed to make advance it. Each of us in the West has at least now a not insignificant responsibility. We can be silent, remaining those slaves that have been so far. Or we can arise to clarify what whole generations and multitudes of revolutionary intellectuals, academics and scientists have never revealed and indeed they kept carefully hidden:

1) DEMOCRACY is achieved with the temporary mandate, which alone opens the public sector to the composed, ordered and prepared, participation of the citizens.

2) The LEGISLATIVE POWER in the developed Countries can be called democratic because already almost entirely subject to the fundamental rule of the temporary mandate.

3) The EXECUTIVE POWER must be immediately made democratic too, by subjecting it to the temporary mandate: giving it with only temporary public hiring.

4) The JUDICIAL POWER has to be made democratic in turn, thanks to the temporary mandate: by public strictly temporary hiring.

We can not know whether mankind will be successful. Within thirty years at most the artificial life, that we too quickly have developed, will brutally discharge us. However a human, a real human not a succubus puppet, always has the duty to try! We must help the already economically developed world and the developing one by beginning to say the truth about everything. One of the most important truth is that democracy is based on the temporary mandate, hardly knowing what to do with the vote. Let us help humans who are struggling to evolve their societies at risk of their life, handing them these simple but powerful formulas:





Our Countries must free themselves from tyranny by introducing the temporary mandate in any public employment. Because this is not just a job but is nothing less than the EXECUTIVE and JUDICIAL POWER and therefore must necessarily be made temporary as well as some time ago was made for the LEGISLATIVE POWER. The latter weighs a pittance compared to the mountain of the first two powers. Even with the best humans in the legislative power, the other two powers, remained tyrants, will make us shipwreck.

Democracy be no longer that ridiculous concession that has been so far but finally spread copious throughout the whole Res Publica.

Danilo D'Antonio
39 339 5014947

civilly, legally, peacefully,
let us start a harmonious social rotation:


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