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Author: obaz
To: lista di coordinamento della traduzione in inglese e altre lingue dei progetti A/I
Subject: Re: [ai-trans] offer to help
Dear Anne,

thanks a lot for this help. why don't you open some threads in the forum
with your suggestions? i think this can be the best way to do it: or
were you thinking of something else? consider that most noblogs
instructions should already be contained in the lifetype documentation
( we translated their howto into italian), so i don't know
if it's worthwile to open a wiki or else on how to use noblogs, although
there are some more people who are writing documentation, in Italian,
about some specific features:

since you've subscribed to the translators' list, i thought you wished
to traslate our web pages into German, something that one of us is
already doing but which requires some proofreading by a mother tongue
speaker. do you think you could give us some time on this as well?

hope to read you soon :)

Anne Roth wrote:
> Hi,
> I use noblogs quite a lot and don't speak Italian. I am wondering
> whether you have thought before to set up a collaborative documentation
> other than the forum? I find it difficult to find things in the forum,
> often there are few answers and hardly anything is in languages other
> than Italian.
> In the past 1,5 years I found out quite a few little tricks how to do
> different things with my blog, the latest was how to change the favicon!
> I'd like to share these things, in a way that is useful for others and
> so I was wondering. I can't offer a lot of help because I don't have a
> lot of time, but e.g. to paste how to install a tag cloud, or add
> details to the panel template would be quite feasible.
> best
> Anne