[blag-users] Blag 90001 Update Kernel Panic GLIBC

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Author: dweb98
To: blag-users
Subject: [blag-users] Blag 90001 Update Kernel Panic GLIBC
I recently updated my Blag 70000 with the Blag 90001 update, via the CD ISO Download. But when I boot the machine, it stops and gives the error message... /bin/nash: /lib/lib.so.6: Version GLIBC:2.8 Not Found... Kernel Panic... not syncing...: Attempted to Kill int... I tried re-running the update with several different options and completely reinstalling grub, but no luck. I tried downloading another Blag 90001 CD ISO and using the new CD... in case there was a problem with the first CD Burn or the ISO file download was bad. But no luck still. I did a bunch of reading and found out how how important glibc is to the OS and I see that it wouln't run without it. But, I really don't want to have to start all over with a fresh install. Since I have 3 years worth of personal data in that system. I started out with Blag 50003 and have run Blag on my main Computer ever since. I can access the Drive with another Distro, DyneBolic. I looked it over with Test Disk from another Distro and all seems fine with the HD. But finding all my files, 150GB worth and e-mail data etc, then moving them to a new partition would be a big hassle... So, is there a way to fix my existing Blag?


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