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Author: zcat
To: blag-users
Subject: [blag-users] lifebook 2020

stevo32 wrote:
> If mac frustrates him to the point where he's throwing the ibook against the wall, I wish this laptop the best of luck. ;)

well its been given to him by his teacher and installed by me so that should put him off trashing it as he has a fair bit of respect for us :)

> On that note, yes, flv, mp3, etc. all work perfectly in the latest blag. Install stuff like cinelerra, the gimp, audacity, etc.


> However, that machine looks a bit old to be running GNOME on the latest version of blag, you might want to use an older version (70000?) or not run GNOME at all (definitely preferable).

I got a copy of 70000 so will give that a go and see what happens

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