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Author: zcat
To: blag-users
Subject: [blag-users] lifebook 2020
ok so i was given a Fugitzi seimens lifebook to upgrade for a mutual friend of the old owner and I thought I would put blag on it rather than windows
the guy its for has never user any linux os's only mac so it has to be foolproof for him he is in no way techy minded and I dont want to have to do any support , so my questions are
will i be able to configure it for him
will blag work on it considering its got a weird screen resolution 1280 x 600
he is an artist so picture editing has to work and maybe some video editing He would have to plug his camera in and have it recognised without any terminal stuff (im bad at that but he wouldnt have a clue) and he wouldn't know the first thing about command line
also he only has web access in public places like library's so cannot connect to anyone and ask for help even if he knew what help he needed he and lives to far from me to drop round to have me sort it !

the spec of it is

633MHz Transmeta Crusoe TM5600 with 512Kb of on-die Level 2 cache, 128Mb of PC133 SDRAM, ALi M1535 motherboard chipset, 15Gb Toshiba MK1517GAP hard disk, 8x Panasonic DVD-ROM, 4Mb ATi Rage Mobility-M PCI graphics, 10in 1,280 x 600 TFT screen, ALi M1535 and Sigmatel STAC9723 audio, integrated stereo speakers, integrated Lucent V.90 modem, one Type II PC Card slot, plus ports for two USB, VGA, S-Video out, IEEE-1394, Windows ME. Dimensions 264 x 183 x 334mm (W x D x H). Weight: 1.5kg.

btw win ME has already been wiped :) but its a lovely little machine
thanks for any help

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