[blag-users] BLAG 90K "Encrypt System"

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Author: hansencomputers
To: blag-users
Subject: [blag-users] BLAG 90K "Encrypt System"
I'm gearing up to make the change to 90K, which will be a fresh install.

I have some housekeeping to get done first, and I have a few issues. For one, I need to be able to mount an internal hard drive (PATA type and in a front load HD tray). I have not been able to mount this HD with BLAG, probably due to my experiments with Bastille.

Having this problem, I would otherwise simply use Puppy and get the files transfered, but that doesn't work either.

It's no big deal, I can also plug into a USB port, and get this done, but I like to learn from problems like this.


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