[blag-users] BLAG 90K "Encrypt System"

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Author: jebba
To: blag-users
Subject: [blag-users] BLAG 90K "Encrypt System"

hansencomputers wrote:
> I'm setting up BLAG 90K on a friend's system. At the partition selection stage, I see an option called "Encrypt System". What does this do for me?

It encrypts the partition so it can't be read without a password. Like if you boot up from a "rescue" CD you won't be able to read it without the password because it will be all encrypted. Each time you boot up you have to enter a password to read it.

hansencomputers wrote:
> Does it add security?

In theory. I use it, but not their setup (I do an older method i set up you definitely don't want to do). Security can go wrong very easily though. Hard to even estimate "how secure" it is....

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