[blag-users] Is GLX going in Kernel libre now its free.

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Author: oswaldkelso
To: blag-users
Subject: [blag-users] Is GLX going in Kernel libre now its free.
Well I tried freeee on my acer one from a usb stick. It Ran, compiz worked, webcam worked, sound was louder and just felt better than stock, or my debian install. The key mapping was astray, and being in Spanish? made it harder for me to figure stuff out. It found my wifi router but I could not connect. I found the interface a little to geeky for my taste, butt ugly in fact but was impressed by what did work.
Unfortunately I no longer have my acer as it died for the second time so was returned, pity as I loved it when it was working. I'm now in the market for another umpc probably a advent4211 or dell mini. Every thing else seems to expensive for the spec.

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