[blag-users] Can't install software/server on Blag Linux.

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Author: sinuhe
To: blag-users
Subject: [blag-users] Can't install software/server on Blag Linux.

tokyolight wrote:
> Help please i want software/server on my Linux. I am root.

I'm not sure of what you're asking. Taking a guess, you are asking how to install software on your newly installed BLAG GNU/Linux system? You want to use yum to install software (if you are familiar with apt, that is available, too).
yum install foopackage

will install a program.
yum grouplist

will give you a list of package groups.
yum list '*foopackagename*'

will look for "foopackagename" in the name of available packages. Packages are, in general, broke into foopackage, foopackage-doc, foopackage-devel, depending on what you need.
yum info foopackage

will describe a package for you. Hope that helps.

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