[Mdma-list] Letter on Aldo Bianzino

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Author: Enrico Fletzer
To: mdma-list, superpino
Subject: [Mdma-list] Letter on Aldo Bianzino

Enrico Fletzer www.radioforpeace.infomobile 0039 3393343644 faxtel 0039051229373-tel 00390564505155www.radioforpeace.info > Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 19:20:55 +0200> From: joep@???> To: sc@???> CC: enricofletzer@???> Subject: [steering] Letter on Aldo Bianzino> > Dear friends,> > Herewith I send you the letter that we intend to present tomorrow to the > European Commission Anti-drug Unit, Carel Edwards, in order for him to > pass it further to his director, Jonathan Faull. This letter asks the > Commission to pass its concerns to the Italian government regarding the > lack of dialogue with Aldo's family, who has not had an opportunity to > clear their doubts about what really happened to Aldo in his cell.> > Please let me know if you think there should be any change, if possible > before 20 PM tonight, so we can print it and take it to Brussels tomorrow.> > Best wishes> > Joep and Martin Barriuso (who will go to Brussels with me tomorrow)> > To Mr. Jonathan Faull> > Director General> > European Commission> > Directorate General Justice, Freedom and Security> > B-1049 Brussel> > Dear Jonathan Faull, Antwerp, May 20, 2008> > In the occasion of the second session of the Civil Society Forum on Drug > Policy in the European Union, which is attended by two representatives > of our network, we would like to present a request to you. Concretely, > we ask your assistance in establishing a dialogue between the government > of Italy and the family of Aldo Bianzino, a victim of the war on drugs > in Europe.> > On Friday, October 12^th , 2007, Aldo Bianzino, a 44 years old man > living with his companion Roberta in Umbria, in the center of Italy, got > arrested because of a small cannabis plantation. Both are taken to the > police office of the town of Città di Castello, then to the prosecutor’s > office in Perugia and finally to the prison in Capanne. On Saturday > October 13th the lawyer on charge (Edoardo Maglio) meets Aldo at 1.00 pm > and Roberta soon afterwards. He informs Roberta that Bianzino is well > and that he is worried about her. Maglio is the last civil person who > has seen Bianzino alive. The next morning, October 14^th , at 08.10 AM, > Bianzino is found dead by two prison staff members.> > On Tuesday October 16^th , the legal doctor Lalli carries out the > autopsy. He declares to the family and three lawyers that he has found > injuries in Bianzino’s kidney, spleen, brain and ribs (two ribs are > broken) even though the body does not show blood signs and bruises. The > conclusion is that Aldo has died as a result of beatings inflicted on > him in such a way that vital organs are destroyed without the presence > of traces, a technic used by certain military corpses. On October 22^nd > , the local prosecutor, Petrazzini, starts an investigation against the > police officers who have arrested and guarded Bianzino. On November > 10^th , medical doctor Fortuni carries out a new autopsy, changing > completely the previous conclusions. In Fortuni’s report the injuries on > the spleen and the broken ribs are not mentioned anymore. The conclusion > of this report is that Aldo has died due to a brain haemorrhage and that > the wounds on the liver are caused by the efforts to reanimate him by > the staff members who found him.> > On February 10^th , 2008, the prosecutor Petrazzini decides to close the > investigation. According to the Italian authorities, the official cause > of Aldo Bianzino’s death is brain haemorrhage. The family and friends of > Aldo Bianzino have never accepted this conclusion. Through various > efforts they are trying to obtain a conversation with the Italian > government in which they can clear up some of their doubts on this > version. Until now, Italian authorities have not responded to these > efforts.> > We ask you to do whatever possible to inform the Italian Minister of > Justice, Interior and Foreign Affairs of this situation, urging them to > contact the familiy of Aldo Bianzino and give them a proper explanation > of what is happened in the night between 13 and 14 October. We thank you > very much for your co-operation and remain,> > Sincerely, on behalf of ENCOD,> > André Fürst, Marina Impallomeni, Jan Ludewig, Virginia Montañes, Joep > Oomen, Fredrick Polak (steering committee)> -- > > > > EUROPEAN COALITION FOR JUST AND EFFECTIVE DRUG POLICIES> > Lange Lozanastraat 14 – 2018 Antwerpen - Belgium> > Tel. + 32 (0)3 293 0886 – Mob. + 32 (0)495 122644> > E-mail: info@??? <mailto:info@encod.org> / www.encod.org > <http://www.encod.org>>
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