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Author: Enrico Fletzer
To: mdma-list, superpino
Subject: [Mdma-list] Press release Trekt Uw Plant in viaggio per l'italia

> Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 15:40:12 +0200> From: joep@???> To: eurodrug@???> Subject: Press release Trekt Uw Plant> > EURODRUG - INFORMATION LIST OF THE EUROPEAN COALITION FOR JUST AND EFFECTIVE DRUG POLICIES> Dear friends,> > For the moment this is the last message on the events in Antwerp (hopefully)> > The final press release of Trekt Uw Plant - with photois and links on > http://www.encod.org/info/IS-IT-ALLOWED-OR-IS-IT-NOT.html> > > IS IT ALLOWED OR IS IT NOT?> > ANTWERP, MAY 7, 2008> > In the past days, Trekt Uw Plant has again tried to obtain a clear > answer on the question if the possession of cannabis for personal use in > Belgium is allowed or not. Again, the authorities refuse to give this > answer.> > According to a ministerial guideline > <http://www.trektuwplant.be/csc/Ministeriele-Richtlijn> issued by the > Belgian minister of Justice and the 5 Head Attorneys in January 2005, > the registration by the authorities of the possession of an amount of > cannabis for personal use (established at max. 3 grammes and one > cannabisplant) by an adult, without the presence of aggravating > circumstances or public disorder, will only lead to a Simplified Police > Record (VPV). There will be no actions that lead to persecution and the > cannabis will not be confiscated.> > On Saturday May 3d, during the Worldwide Marijuana March > <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5TvS9a9f84> on the Vrijdagmarkt in > Antwerp, three board members of Trekt Uw Plant were arrested after they > had planted a cannabis seed in a flower pot. After six hours in a police > cell, they were informed that they would be accused > <http://www.trektuwplant.be/csc/IMG/pdf/pvjoep.pdf> of "growing drugs in > the possible presence of minors". There were some children on the > Vrijdagmarkt indeed, yet at the moment the seed plant action took place, > no minors were present. Besides, the cannabis seed itself is not a drug. > A seed itself does not contain THC (active element of cannabis) nor is > it sure that there will grow a THC containing plant out of it.> > On Monday 5 May the president of Trekt Uw Plant, Philippe De Craene, > planted again a cannabis seed in an empty ruin on the "Konijnenwei" in > Antwerp, where there is no possibility to create public disorder and > without the presence of minors. Again he was arrested, and released > after two hours. The accusation will probably be “privatisation of the > public space”. Before the action we had involved the ruin in white > clothes, so that no minor could see what was going on inside. Apparently > this act can be described as privatisation, which is forbidden by law.> > Interesting detail is that one of the persons who attended the event was > later searched by the police and appeared to have one gram of cannabis > on him. When he refused to refrain from this, he was allowed to keep it. > On the same place, possibly by the same police officer, the ministerial > guideline was applied in one case, and in another not.> > The actions of Trekt Uw Plant have shown that there is an enormous lack > of legal security and judicial arbitrarity concerning cannabis in > Belgium. That is something which many young people, especially from > non-Western origin, are confronted with every day. But in principle this > legal insecurity affects all cannabis consuming Belgians (between > 300.000 and 500.000 people) and millions of Europeans....> > Trekt Uw Plant does not let itself be scared by police operations that > are steered from up above. Next year on the first saturday in May we > will again organise a Marijuana March in Antwerp. Thanks to the support > of many sympathisers the event of last saturday was, also without us, a > big success. That the intervention of the police created an atmosphere > in which cannabis was publically used, also in the presence of minors, > is not our fault. We had done everything to avoid this.> > Trekt Uw Plant maintains its objective. The association facilitates > assistance to its members in growing their personal cannabisplant. The > Antwerp judge declared on April 25 2007 that the right to associate is > guaranteed by the Constitution, and that the existence of the > association is legal. People can associate themselves anonymously, > although we should be able to establish that they fulfill the rules. > Members of Trekt Uw Plant have to be adult, live in Belgium, aware of > the risks of cannabis use and must adress themselves voluntarily. > Everybody who fulfills these conditions is wellcome.> > After the events of 3 and 5 May we look forward with great confidence to > the coming courtcase in appeal on June 12 in Antwerp. We have appealed > against the fine of 15 euro that some of our members have been condemned > to (the sanction of the other members has been suspended) for > establishing a collective plantation on December 12 2006 > <http://www.encod.org/info/ANTWERPS-PARKET-DRIJFT.html>.> > Our case has only become stronger. Also the judges of the Court of > Appeal must have noticed that the non-application of the ministerial > guideline concerning the possession of cannabis for personal use is > violating the principle of legality. This principle states that if the > individual citizen cannot consult a clear piece of legislation which > describes his act as illegal, this act cannot be punished.> > The final purpose of Trekt Uw Plant is to anchor the principle of the > ministerial guieline, which is the respect for the cultivation of > cannabis for personal use, in the Belgian legislation. This will create > a legal alternative for 500.000 Belgians who regularly consume cannabis > and who are now forced to smuggle the product into the Netherlands or to > provide themselves at the illegal market. This illegal market does not > apply public health norms or age limits.> > Trekt Uw Plant wants to be a signal. A signal of respect for Mother > Nature. Of resistance against them who use fear as a political weapon in > order to safeguard economic and other interests. Of hope on a world in > which democratic decisions are being respected by legal authorities.> > Finally one thing: we need to conclude that indeed, the use of cannabis > can truely lead to serious psychotic reactions, squizofrenia and loss of > memory. But not in the user.> > On behalf of Trekt Uw Plant> > Philippe De Craene, Kris Verdonck and Joep Oomen> > Lange Lozanastraat 14> > 2018 Antwerp> > Belgium> > info@??? <mailto:info@encod.org>> > Tel. +32 3 293 0886 / +32 495 122 644 (Joep) / +32 494 807 350 > (Philippe) / +32 486 - 357595 (Kris)> > > -- > > > > EUROPEAN COALITION FOR JUST AND EFFECTIVE DRUG POLICIES> > Lange Lozanastraat 14 – 2018 Antwerpen - Belgium> > Tel. + 32 (0)3 293 0886 – Mob. + 32 (0)495 122644> > E-mail: info@??? <mailto:info@encod.org> / www.encod.org > <http://www.encod.org>> > >

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