[ai-trans] Domain name in cyrillic.

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Author: Debaker, Evgeny
To: ai-trans
Subject: [ai-trans] Domain name in cyrillic.
> as an introduction I don't speak russian and i am part of the A/I collective.
> I speak/write 5 other languages though :)

Well... Great! (This may be offtopic, but... maybe you speak even
Esperanto? Since I think this languages shares A/I idea of free
communications a bit. :) )
> I guess there is no other russian-speaking on list yet (the idea of putting all
> the people helping out with translation on one list is recent).
> But I still think this discussions can help other people thinking about
> translation in general.
> I think it's really cool

> I guess it should be in Russian

OK. In Russian so... "A" and "I" both.
> normally we mean: something that russian people can easily pronounce, that is
> funny and/or militant and that could lead people in Russia to land on our
> services or at least to discover our pages and decide wether they are interested
> or not

Autistici is a bit difficult to pronounce in Russian.
Inventati is very easy to pronounce.
Possible, all that should be made is translation to Russian - but FULL
(And well trying to register/being indexed by Google/Rambler/Yandex etc.)

> mmmmmhhhhhh
> My question: i guess you cannot buy domain name in cyrillic, can you?
> I really don't know, so eurocentric of me :)

It seems to be possible... but... now not a lot people have support for
Cyrillic domain names.
And also - for non-IE - Linux users it seems to be almost impossible to
use this domains!!! So for now it's not good idea... maybe later...
Yes - it's bad idea: Cyrillic domains are still not popular in Russia...
It would be too strange for now... I don't know why - but I haven't
heard about any serious project having Cyrillic domain.