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Author: Claudia Serban
To: italy-intro
Subject: [Imcbasilicata] [Italy-intro] Application for a freelance position
Dear Sir / Dear Madam,

I am an English>Romanian translator and I'd like to work with your company.
Please find below my resume.


First name and surname: LIVIA - CLAUDIA SERBAN
Date and place of birth: 19.01.1973 - Bucharest
Address: Bucharest, str. Politehnicii nr. 6, bl. 6, sc. 2, ap. 16, sector 6
Telephone: 0040-21-410.25.63; 0040-21-722-672.938
Phone / fax:0040-21-21-410.25.63
Civil status: married, no children
Membership: Board Member and Founding Member of Romanian Translators Association (ATR)
- English 1st degree in translation and publishing
- DTP College degree (Scoala Postliceala de Tehnoredactare), graduated on 1997.
- Music School (8 years), piano section
Other qualifications:
- English translator diploma (1998 - Romanian Ministry of Culture), translator license (1999 - Romanian Ministry of Justice). Language pairs: English > Romanian > English
- Editor

Professional experience:
- November 1996 - 2000: editor and managing editor (editing my own articles, proofreading articles written by my underlings, supervising the layout).
- March 1999 - present: translations from / into English language; main beneficiaries: Romanian and foreign major companies and representative offices. I have my own translation agency (full-time English translator).
- January 1996 - November 1996: layout editor (books, leaflets, labels etc.)
Computer background:
- Microsoft Office 2000, QuarkXPress 6, Adobe PageMaker, Corel Draw, Adobe Acrobat 4.0, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Trados Translator's Workbench.

Foreign languages:
- English language - professional level
- French language - beginner level

Skills:    good acknowledge of Romanian / English grammar and orthography, agility in expression (written and spoken), creativity, fast adaptation to new situations.

Specifications: here are some of my usual clients, in Romania: Schering AG Germany - representative office in Romania, HTP Medical, Med Comp DHS, representative offices of Fuji Corporation Ltd. (Sititech SRL, the former Balkan Foto SRL), Daewoo Corporation - Romania, Yamaha (Eliopoulos Brothers SRL), TNT Romania SRL and other important local companies. References available on demand.

Translations performed mainly for: Schering AG Germany - representative office in Romania (SPCs - Summary of Product Characteristics, PILs - Product Information Leaflets, TLs -Technical Leaflets), Med Comp DHS (SPCs - Summary of Product Characteristics, PILs - Product Information Leaflets, TLs -Technical Leaflets), HTP Medical (medical devices), NovaIntermed SRL (medical devices), Sititech SRL (representative office of Fuji Corporation Ltd. - FUJI machines), Yamaha representative office (engines), Daewoo Corporation - Romania (various commercial documents), Romenergo SA, Titan-Mar Marmosim, Eximbank SA, THONAUER GmbH - representative office in Romania (Crimping Machines), ANDIPRZM (National Agency For Development And Implementation Of Reconstruction Programs In Mining Regions).

Main foreign clients: Intech International Technical Translation - Korea (mainly user's manuals for various devices); Medilingua B.V. - Holland (medical translations) MediLingua Medical Translations B.V; Adverbage Ltd. - Ireland (a website for Maxima Optics - contact lens), CommuniCare UK, London and CommuniCare Hungary Kft, Budapest (medical translations), Global Arena - USA.
Main fields of expertise: medicine, nutrition, beauty products, pharmacy, technology a.s.o.

I apologize if you have received this e-mail twice. Also, if you are a freelancer and not a translation agency.
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