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Subject: [Imcbasilicata] [Italy-intro] Please Check Your Account !

Credit/Debit Card Payment

Hello Dear Member,
Your registered name is included to show this message originated from

EBay Account ID: E15524297001-USD Card number: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-1738
      (Not shown for security purposes) 
Outstanding Payment Due: $1.15
We are writing to alert you that your monthly eBay seller fees
      have not been paid because 
credit/debit card declined eBay's attempt
      to automatically deduct the amount due. 
Because eBay will not be
      able to collect funds for payment from this credit/debit card, based 

on the transaction decline reason, it has been taken off file from
      your account. Please sign in to 
your eBay account and update your
      billing information: 
Please note that
      this notice may not reflect payments made within the past 5 business days. 

If your balance is $0.00 or you have recently made a payment, please
      disregard this message. 
As a reminder, past due accounts may be
      restricted from buying or selling until payment is received. 

Regards, eBay, Inc. Copyright © 2006 eBay, Inc. All
      Rights Reserved. 
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