[Cm-padova] Delivery error re: Thank you!

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Author: Mail Delivery System
Subject: [Cm-padova] Delivery error re: Thank you!
This message was rejected by the mail hub at The University of
    Birmingham (bham.ac.uk) because it has an apparently
    executable attachment "your_document.pif".
    The email rejected was not delivered to the following
    recipients: G.G.A.Douglas@???.

    Executable attachments are not being accepted at The
    University if Birmingham because they have been
    used by recent viruses such as that described in 
    http://www.fsecure.com/v-descs/love.htm and

    Regrettably, it is possible that some legitimate
    communications could be refused by this measure
    and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.
    If this was a legitimate communication concerning
    University business please contact helpdesk@???
    for advice with a full explanation about the nature 
    of the communication.