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Author: Patrice Riemens
To: thk
Subject: Re: [Thk] interpretation (meskio)


Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2018 13:33:56 +0200
From: meskio <meskio@???>
To: Thk <thk@???>
Subject: [Thk] interpretation

We have talked before about doing simultaneous interpretation. Some
months ago I
contacted COATI[0], a collective that brings equipment to do this in
They come with booths, fm transmisors and receivers to set it up. In
some events
they help also finding interpreters to use the equipment.

They are happy to come, but they charge some money for that. They said
that for
4 rooms x 3 languages it will be max 1000eur, as they have to come by
car from
Barcelona. This number of rooms and languajes is probably way too much,
and it
will be cheaper to do less.

I think if we have the equipment we can find volunteers to do turns on
booths and interpret some talks.

The questions are:
- Are we interested?
- Can we (or want to) pay for that? I was thinking about asking CCC for
for that, but I haven't done it yet. I'm going to check if is still
- How many rooms/langs can/should we cover in case to do it?


In the second volume on Technological Sovereignty

there is a chapter written by the COATI collective where they very
nicely explain the ins and outs, technological, _and_ political, of the
interpretation process for progressive groups and event.

Cheers from out