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Author: natacha
To: thk
New-Topics: [Thk] call for nodes + faq
Subject: Re: [Thk] call for nodes

On 06/12/2018 09:36 PM, samba wrote:
> I edit a bit the call-for-node
> see the Ursula and book sharing part at the end!
> Also I prepared a call-for-node button in the homepage

Super, its quite urgent to put this up, would you mind doing it.
> Anyway, I've some suggestion/doubt about the page
> 1) I think many of the content in the Call can go in the FAQ page

Ok, could you be a bit more clear about how you would do that, maybe
edit the pad for example.
> 2) I'd like the Call page to be easy with a statement some examples
> ideas and an email where to send the nodes proposals

I think examples are not a good idea because they constrain imagination,
but what kind of example would you give?

> 3) shall we define a deadline for the call-for-nodes or it's better to
> ignore this as deadline are only for formal congress and we are not?!

Why do you think we would need a deadline p to now in self organized
meetings it has been possible to propose nodes up to the last minute
even on site, and the program is modified according to those new
propositions every morning. This is really good for the participation of




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