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Author: meskio
To: Public list for the organization of a transcultural hackmeeting, ignifugo
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Subject: Re: [Thk] graphics for the manifests
Quoting ignifugo (2018-05-18 12:58:48)
> Please speak together also about a :
> _a welcome paper/ welcome kit...
> -the call for talks
> -the call for translators

We'll need to do all that here online.

> - draw a "fantasy map" of the areas that we will use... could be a list
> .. it's only to understand how may kitchens.. how many
> toilets/shower,... how many places with water.. how many places for
> talks... the LAN space..

I think hark has photos to share about the spaces. But what I can recall:
- 3 dry toilets, but many more that can be set up easily in the camping or other
- we need to build up showers, but fabian will work on the design and we'll just
put the hands during the pre-thk to build them up.
- one big space under a roof for asembly, bar, eating, hacking space, ...
- 2 spaces on top of this big one (~40 people), but they are open to the big one
and might be noisy. siroco wants to set up the FM radio in one of those.
- 2 spaces smaller (~30 people) in the buildings where we could organize nodes
- 2 big warehouses with wood work machines that could be used
- 1 big tent (~50 people)
- 2 smaller tents for infopoint and first aid
- a big camp ground and space for caravans
- 5 min walking from the camp ground there is a construction where we could put
a tarp and is a nice place as fireplace

There is plenty of more space to set up more big tents, domes or so if people
brings them or we search for them in the area. It's not clear if there is enough
parking space for cars, we might need to use some area of the camping ground for
cars as well.

There is a bar and a shop in the village, run by comrades, it's ~20 min walking
from the camp site.

> - the warmup events before THK

I thought last weekend was the warmup event. I don't know how you do it in
italy, I'm happy to hear what you want to organize.

> - if could be good have another assembly/meeting to speak all togheter
> in the italian hackmeeting :)

Sure, there is many things to prepare, I think is a good idea to schedule
something there to talk about the thk.

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