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Author: r7
To: blag-devel
Subject: Re: [blag-noise] [blag-devel] xulrunner/yelp tangle
r7 wrote:

> [root@box ~]# apt-get upgrade
>    xulrunner (1.9-1.fc9 =>
>    yelp (2.22.1-3.fc9 => 2.22.1-4.fc9)

and now firefox is added to mix after cycle:

[root@box ~]# apt-get upgrade
The following packages have been kept back
    firefox (3.0-2blag.f9 => 3.0.1-2blag.f9)
    xulrunner (1.9-1.fc9 =>
    yelp (2.22.1-3.fc9 => 2.22.1-4.fc9)
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 removed and 3 not upgraded.
[root@box ~]# apt-get install firefox
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
   firefox: Depends: gecko-libs (=
E: Broken packages
[root@box ~]#

r7 [at] aktivix [dot] org

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